Monday, February 11, 2013

Prof. Paulo Ribeiro places 2nd at the Miami Abu Dhabi Pro Trial!

After 2 long days of competing Professor Paulo Ribeiro the head instructor of Gracie Barra Naples in florida placed 2nd! Professor Paulo says that he had left the competion mats 4 years ago to focus on his new family and business. After making the desicion to fight again his friends and family supported him 100%.  He says "Without the support from my students, friends and my family I would not be here, I owe everything I have to them and to God."  The 3rd degree black belt even moved from Masters to Adult when he saw no one was in his division. Prof. tells us that even though he lost one battle his war still wages on and that he must be dilligent in his preperation, so that he will be ready for the next battle. All his team, friends and family have to say is "GOOOO PROF. PAULO!!!!!!!"  

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