Monday, November 19, 2012

Avoid those sneaky Thanksgiving lbs. with a 3 easy tricks!

Trick #1 Drink Water!

It seems silly right? Duh! Drink water they say, but if your drink plenty of water you will be less likely to over indulge on everything else. Did you know 1 alcoholic beverage can have as many as 300 calories! YIKES! Of course having a regular or even better a light beer won't kill everything you've worked so hard for, but understanding that you need to have a solid grip on your self control this Thanksgiving weekend will really take you far.

Trick #2 Eat your Veggies!

Yuck! Thanksgiving is supposed to be about the turkey and stuffing and everything with 500 calories per serving. But we do this and it really helps. We pile on the salad and veggies and have almost a full plate of just that. After we allow ourselves to have a little bit of everything else, and usually don't finish it all. Now you have eaten tons of fiber and have cut your caloric intake in half!

Trick #3 Eat Dessert!

What!? You are trying to keep off the lbs. and here we are telling you to eat dessert? Your ability to stay lean and mean is not about being faithful to your diet but about having a healthy lifestyle. Denying yourself some treats during the holidays will only increase the chances of your diet failing. If you have a healthy lifestyle meaning you make healthy eating a part of  your life than cheating a little during the holidays will be fine.

The saying work smarter not harder applies here. If you eat smart then you wont have to work harder to keep off the weight and stay healthy later.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!

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