Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bully Proof your child with brazilian jiu jitsu

Bully proof and empower your child with brazilian jiu jitsu! Benefits being: fitness, confidence, discipline, direction, self esteem and self defense.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is an amazing sport and its main focus is on practical self defense and NOT punching and kicking. This wonderful martial art pertains mainly to defending any type of opposition with the least amount of force. Not only will your child learn how to defend themselves but also how NOT to fight.

Fighting in schools, at least in collier county and most of Florida holds by what is called zero tolerance. In other words it doesn't matter who started a fight, if both threw fists and both became aggressive both go to juvenile detention.

Now most of us teach our children to stand up to bullies and to not be intimidated. So does this not present some type of dilemma? Some times children are not given a choice and must defend themselves and without the proper training they most times resort to what the have seen on television. (punching and kicking) Now with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there is no hitting only defending and controlling.

So now we use the scenario again where a child is forced to defend themselves but this time they are trained in brazilian jiu jitsu. That fight no longer ends with both children going to jail. That fight ends with the bully attempting to punch the supposed victim, but our "victim" saw the punch, defended with a shoulder throw or head block and standing arm bar. They controlled the situation until deputies arrived and never became aggressive or threw a punch. They defended themselves without fighting, and that supposed victim became the hero in every ones eyes and they will most likely never be bothered again. While the bully looks the fool and is toted off to juvenile detention.

Now of course that is just a scenario but it is a scenario that has played out in real life and is found to be true. Brazilian jiu jitsu is taught to the military, local and federal police departments and is taught in every women's self defense program across the country.

So you ask why bully proof your child with brazilian jiu jitsu? I ask why not?

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