Monday, February 13, 2012

healthy Valentines treats for your loved ones!

Valentines is a holiday filled with decadence and sometimes over indulging. This year make valentines fast, easy and heartfelt with homemade heathly recipes like these....

tools needed: Heart shaped cookie cutter.

*Veggie Lovers Pizza- Buy an organic veggie loaded pre-made pizza make small petite pizzas for your loved one by using the cookie cutter or one large pizza you cut free hand. Either way they are sure to love it!

*Heart Healthy Turkey & Reduced Fat Cheese Sandwhiches- Great for kids and parties! Make a normal sandwhich any way you like and use the cookie cutter to make it festive!

*Sweet Treats Using Fruit (apples, watermelon, cantalope,
honeydew, pinnapple, strawberries & etc...)- Wheater these are dipped in chocolate or just served plain they are sure to be a hit! Again just use the cookie cutter on any of these healthy fruits and watch friends and family enjoy these sweet and thoughtful treats!

We hope you like and enjoy our ideas!
GB Naples staff

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